The renovation of the Dutch Model? Dutch Labour relations in action!

NVA presenteert de Nederlandse Arbeidsverhoudingen met discussie en bedrijfsbezoek op het internationale ILERA-congres

The Dutch Association for Industrial Relations (NvA) organizes a public debate during the upcoming ILERA conference with the leadership of the Dutch Trade Unions FNV and CNV, and with the personnel management of Randstad. Issues include the internal reorganisation of the unions, the recent Social Pact, and the collective agreement and position of temp workers.

A. Plenary debate

Friday Afternoon 21 June, 14.00-15.30 PM

Issue I: The renewal of the trade unions and the rationale of the Social Pact on ‘More work, more security’.

Speakers: Mr Ton Heerts, president FNV and Mr. Jaap Smit, president CNV

Issue II: The national debate and the perspective of temp agency workers

Speakers: Mr Sito de Leeuw, Director at Randstad, Mr Marcel Nuytens or Mrs Mariette van der Neut (FNV-negotiators in temp agency sector). Led and introduced by professor Paul de Beer & professor Marc van der Meer

B. Company visits

Time: Friday Afternoon 21 June, 15.30-18.00 PM.

After the plenary debate, a company visit will be organised to either the personnel department of the Municipality of Amsterdam or the ING Bank. On site, a personnel director and a workers&; representative will introduce company labour relations. The visits offers an unique view into the practice of daily labour relations, with wide opportunities for discussion. ILERA-participants can take part in one of these two excursions, however early registration is necessary.

  1. At the Board of the Municipality of Amsterdam, the rationalization of HR policy for the municipal civil servants and employees in the various municipal district councils will be overviewed. Also the positioning and privatisation of various urban services (such as the harbour staff, the local transport company, the municipal electricity company) is dealt with. In the introduction, the personnel director will map the various strategic considerations regarding the core business of public service provision. This results in an assessment of the current differentiation in public labour relations, considered relevant for modern employer behaviour. The employees’ representative will discuss the various trade-offs for trade unions and works councils.
    Introduction: Mrs Maryse Knook, Bestuursdienst Amsterdam, plus an employee representative. Guided by Marc van der Meer (NvA)

  2. ING Bank is one of the leading Dutch banks, which underwent a process of internal reorganization, after receiving State Aid necessary to overcome the banking crisis. Various business units were split up. Subsequently, the collective bargaining structure has been revised. ING Insurances and ING Investment Management (both with different size, culture, remuneration structure) jointly negotiated a new innovative collective agreement. In this process, the banking staff was directly involved in the design of the agreement. Notable innovations include the new method of variable reward and the introduction of a personal choice budget.
    Introduction: Jan Jaap Krijtenburg, Manager compensation and benefits, ING Verzekeringen, Mr Fred Polhout, FNV Bondgenoten, Mrs Gudrun Jäckel, member FNV-delegation, Guided by Margriet Kraamwinkel (NvA)

Note: Early registration for both company visits is necessary!

vrijdag, 21 juni, 2013 - 14:00 tot 18:00